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Roll Your Onesie For Storage & Travel

Okay, so you have one baby, one dresser, and approximately 56 onesies, right? In helping one of my postpartum clients prepare for a family vacation with their baby, I showed them a different way to role their onesies to save space. So whether you are taking a trip down south or need to save space in the nursery, this blog is for you.

To start, lay your onesie upside down and flat. Next, you’ll want to fold the onesie in half from both sides. Try to make it nice and flat.

Starting from the top, begin to roll the onesie until you get to the bottom.

Flip the bottom flap and snap the buttons closed.

That’s it! This functional way to store your onesie will save room in the dresser and your luggage. Do you have any other storage hacks for your baby? I'd love to hear them!

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