Postpartum & Newborn Care 

Postpartum care is essential for a new family's physical and emotional recovery after birth.  Adjusting to parenthood can be challenging, but our doulas are here to support your journey through newborn care, tidying, meal preparation, laundry, organization, breastfeeding support & infant sleep support. Each postpartum visit is unique and custom to the needs of your family. 

Having difficulty with sleep or breastfeeding? Our doula's have additional training  in both infant sleep support and infant feeding (breastfeeding, chest-feeding, formula, bottle, tube, cup etc) 


Days of the week & times are flexible including daytime and evenings! (min. 3 hour shift) 

  Hourly rates start at $28.00

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"After being totally pushed past my limit with my first baby, I knew I could use some help with my second. I'm so happy I found out about postpartum support. Even though I didn't know exactly what I needed, Brittany just knew. She puts your life back on track just when you feel things going out of control."

- Angelika