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Infant Sleep Support

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Sleep Support Plan

Investment: $89

When creating your customized infant sleep support plan, we'll first schedule a Zoom meeting to better understand your current concerns. Here we will take a look at several factors including: when your baby is napping, where, how long and how they fall asleep. 

After that meeting you will receive an emailed copy of your baby's sleep support plan based on their age, current concerns and your personal long term goals.

Together we'll learn about normal infant sleep, expectations and realities to create a plan that works for both you and your baby.

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In-Person Sleep Support

Investment: $30 Hourly 

I understand all too well how difficult it can be to get a handle on your baby's sleep in the thick of exhaustion. Hiring a postpartum doula to help navigate infant sleep is the perfect resolution! We'll teach you how to recognize your baby's sleepy cues, understand their wake windows and put them down for naps/bedtime so that you can focus on your rest and recovery.

There is no time commitment when scheduling postpartum support. We can help you customize your weekly shifts OR you can schedule a one off appointment - it's all up to you. 

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