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Home Birth Check List (Doula Edition)

If you’re planning a home birth, your midwives will give you a really amazing list of things you should have prepared. But I wanted to add some things to that list that seem to always be important when I’m attending a home birth as a doula. So here it is!

1. Bendable Straw

This makes drinking easy regardless of what position you are in or your energy level!

2. Gatorade/Powerade

A great pick me up and an easy way to avoid needing fluids through an IV. Your partner may need to encourage you to drink it, but I promise the extra electrolytes will be so helpful. This will also be helpful after the baby is born!

3. Honey

Another great way to boost energy when you're feeling tired and depleted!

4. Salt

Add a cup of salt to your washing machine to take blood out of sheets and towels! I always recommend washing a second time with regular detergent.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide or Windex

You can use either of these products to take blood out of fabric you can't throw in the wash such as the carpet or a couch.

6. Old Towels

Collect more than you think you will need (15 seems to be the magic number). Some people choose to wash them and put them back in regular rotation, but collecting old ones gives you the option of tossing them if you choose to.

7. Sheet & Plastic Sandwich

Fresh bedding - plastic shower curtain, old bedding you don't mind getting messy.

Your doula or birth team will quickly remove the old sheets and plastic curtain and tuck you back into your clean bed!

8. Post Birth Snack

My go-to post birth snack is always tea and toast. But if there is something specific you know you'd like to have, make sure you have it at home so your team can make it for you!

9. Tylenol/Advil

Your midwife will give these to you after your baby is here but they will also tell you to take them over the next little while. It's a good idea to have them available at home! Remember, it's always easier to stay on top of pain than it is to catch up!

10. Pre-Made Snacks/Coffee

Your partner may need a pick-me-up mid labour! Having coffee and easy to eat snacks ready ahead of time will allow them to stay by your side as much as possible.

What items would you add to your list? Don't forget to add things to help set the right environment like music, dim lights or battery operated candles! And if you're looking to add a doula to your birth team (virtually or in-person), don't hesitate to reach out! You can e-mail me here to set up a free consultation!

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