Birth Doula 

Complete Labour Package - $750

If you are planning a home birth or hospital birth, medicated or natural, having a planned a caesarean birth, vaginal or VBAC - The Doula Tree is here to support you.  In addition to continuous labour support, this package also includes two prenatal visits and one postpartum visit after your baby is home.  I believe in unbiased, compassionate support for you and your family.

Labour Support Package - $500

Perfect for the family with experience in the labour room, or for those already comfortable with their prenatal education.  This package includes 1 prenatal visit (to really get to know each other), phone and e-mail support throughout your pregnancy and of course, continuous labour support. 

 Preparation Package - $900

The Preparation Package is the ultimate labour and postpartum tool.  This package includes 2 prenatal visits where we will complete 6 hours of prenatal class preparation.  This class will help you understand the stages of labour, how to deal with pain, and will leave you and your partner feeling calm and confident to bring your baby into the world.  The preparation package also includes continuous labour support, 2 postpartum visits at home & 6 weeks of phone and e-mail support post birth. 

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