Birth Support

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Labour Support Package

From: $650

Perfect for the family with experience in birth, or for those already comfortable with their prenatal education.  This package includes:


1 prenatal visit where we will spend some time getting to know each other & learn about your birth preferences.


Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy to answer any questions about your pregnancy, birth & baby.


& of course, continuous labour support to guide you & your partner through birth, provide physical comfort techniques & offer suggestions for a smooth & positive experience.

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Complete Package

From: $800

In addition to continuous labour support, this package includes two prenatal visits (one at your home and one held virtually).

During these visits, we will really start to understand your birth preferences. Together we'll go through techniques to help you stay in control during labour. Breathing techniques, visualization, setting the environment, hip squeezes & movement are some of the topics we might discuss during our prenatal appointments.


 After your baby is born, we'll come back for a visit & help ease the transition to life with a baby. The postpartum visit may include: debriefing your birth, newborn care, infant feeding/breastfeeding support, tidying the house & laundry; with a heavy focus on your physical & emotional recovery. 

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Preparation Package

From: $1,000

The Preparation Package is the ultimate labour and postpartum tool.  This package includes 2 in-person prenatal visits where we will complete an in-depth prenatal class.


This class will help you understand everything from the stages of labour, natural labour progression, position changes & non-medical pain relief options. During our second visit, we can discuss your feeding preference including breast/chest feeding, pumping, bottles & formula.  


Our time together will leave you and your partner feeling calm and confident to bring your baby into the world.  The preparation package also includes continuous labour support, 2 postpartum visits at home & 6 weeks of phone and email support post birth as needed. 


Birth Pool Rental

$280 (+ HST)

The Aqua Doula heated birth pool is available to rent! It will be delivered to your home 2-3 weeks prior to your delivery date and picked up after your baby is born! 

Benefits of Labouring/Birthing in Water:

- promotes deep relaxation

- decreases pain/intensity from contractions 

- increases ability to change position

- less likely to need medical intervention

- supports the pushing stage & prevents tearing

- more positive birth experiences

- shorter labours

- lowers blood pressure