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Postpartum Support: 

Investment: $30 hourly

$35 hourly for overnight support.

Did you know that in many cultures, a new mother is taken care of for up to 60 days after she gives birth to her baby? That's right, focus is placed on REST & RECOVERY.

Unfortunately this is not the norm in Canada, but we're working hard to change that! We know that postpartum care is essential for a new family & adjusting to life with a newborn can sometimes feel a little chaotic. 

Our trained & professional doulas are here to support that journey through newborn care, tidying the house, meal preparation, laundry, organization, breastfeeding support & infant sleep support. Each postpartum visit is unique and custom to the needs of your family. 

Having difficulty with sleep or breastfeeding? Our doula's have additional training  in both infant sleep support and infant feeding (breastfeeding, formula, bottle, tube, cup etc.) 

Click on the button below and fill out the information to learn more about postpartum support. 

Convenient. Customizable. Flexible 

Shift Time: We'll work together to find a time that is most helpful for you. Our doula's are available in the morning, afternoon, evening & overnight.

Shift Length: Each postpartum shift is a minimum of 3 hours but can be up to 8 hours in length.

Contract Length: You can schedule your postpartum doula for 1 shift or 1 year, it's completely up to you! In our eyes, the postpartum period does not end at your 6 week check up. Scheduling your shifts a couple of weeks or even months in advance will ensure our availability for the time that would be most helpful.

It's never too early (or late) to schedule time for your recovery.


The Motherhood Journal

When I made The Motherhood Journal, I made it with new & veteran moms alike. Dozens of pages of promoted journal entries pertaining to your birth story, relationships, body image, feelings of guilt, self care, finding joy, planning a future or ideal birth, nutrition, sleep & so much more. 

Also included are colouring pages for positive affirmations and mindfulness, prepping for a better postpartum and daily meal planners, gratitude, intention setting and lined pages for future reflection. 

This book would make a wonderful gift for yourself or a baby shower gift & can be purchased on Amazon. Visit the link below to purchase your own copy. 

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