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Hungry Moms

"Nourishing The 4th Trimester"

Nourishing the postpartum family with healthy, healing meals is a service offered by the Lynch family. Delivery is offered in Haldimand-Norfolk & Brant & would make a wonderful gift to a new family!

Lemon Chicken & Potatoes

Baked with lemon & garlic and paired with roasted potatoes. We use sea salt rosemary and thyme for additional flavour. Feeds 4





Investment: $50 (includes delivery)


Homemade chili made with beef, beans & assorted vegetables. This meal can be frozen. Feeds 4






Investment: $40 (includes delivery)

Shepherd's Pie

Brittany's famous shepherd's pie is made with beef, assorted vegetables and topped with mashed potatoes. Paprika, garlic and tumeric are added for flavour and healing. The perfect postpartum meal that can be frozen ahead of time! Feeds 4.

Investment: $45 (includes delivery)

Bone Broth Soup

Bone broth is a must have for both labour & postpartum recovery. Freeze ahead of time and take out when needed. Feeds 4





Investment: $35 (includes delivery)

Homemade Lasagna

This protein packed lasagna is made with beef, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, vegetables & red sauce. Feeds 4-6

Investment: $50 (includes delivery)

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