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How to include your partner in your labour.

Let’s say you have a supportive partner that wants to be involved in the labour and delivery of your baby - GREAT! Or maybe you’re partner is a bit more reserved, perhaps even anxious about having to be really present during this experience - that’s fair! Regardless of how the two of you are feeling, the LAST thing your doula wants to do is take the place of someone you care about. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Picture you and your partner in the centre of a circle. Your doula is orbiting the outside of this circle, diving in when needed and holding space when the two of you have a good rhythm going.


Let's break down your doula's role when you plan on having a partner at your birth:

- collect things you might need like water, ice chips, a birth ball & a peanut ball

- set the room by turning down lights & playing music

- help your partner provide comfort techniques like a hip squeeze & counter pressure when appropriate

- demonstrate breathing techniques and the use of positive affirmations so that they can coach along too

- remind them to take a break, eat and drink water

- let your partner leave the room or take a washroom break, knowing someone will be supporting you regardless

- helps explain & digest information shared by medical professionals (i.e unforeseen circumstances or changes to the birth plan)

- shows your partner the best place to be (up front and close!) and the best things to say (not much!) during the difficult phase of transition

- takes the lead if and when needed


If you are looking for someone to care for you AND your partner, to relieve

anxieties and ensure the best birth experience possible - hire a doula. Ask for contributions at your shower or make payments throughout your pregnancy. It is an investment that you AND your partner will not regret.

For more information on services or to schedule a consult with The Doula Tree, please send visit our contact page here. Serving families in Norfolk County, Haldimand County, Brant County, Oxford County and surrounding areas.

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