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Traveling With a Baby Survival List

I recently helped a family prepare for there first vacation with a new baby. We came up with a pretty solid packing list and I realized how essential this list is for people. This list was designed for a baby around 1 year old and they were traveling to a hot climate for 1 week, so keep that in mind when adjusting this list to fit your own needs. Happy vacationing!

FIRST AID/PHARMACEUTICAL: - band-aids - Polysporin (for kids) - thermometer - Tylenol and Advil - Oval or gripe water (for upset stomach) - teething toy - Camilla (homeopathic teething medication) - blue painters tape to cover electrical outlets and secure drawers


- nail clippers

- bath soap/shampoo

- lotion

- wipes (3 packages)

- diapers (40-50)

- a pad to change him on

- small bags (like dog poop bags to put dirty diapers in on the go) FOOD:

- bottles - formula

- breast pump - sippy cup - snack container - food pouches and snacks

- microwaveable sterilizing bags

**ensure the resort has a kettle to boil water for cleaning and/or making bottles**

SLEEPING: - sleep sacs - warmer sleepers (the AC may be cold) - sound machine - crib sheet in case they don’t provide one - ensure that a crib will be provided to you and that it meets safety requirements - extra large bed sheet to cover any windows/make the room darker

SUN PROTECTION: - sun shade - hat - swim wear (more than one) - swim diapers - sunscreen - aloe vera gel or “after sun lotion” - large towel/blanket to put on the sand - sunglasses

EXTRAS: - small toys (for the plane!) - music

- lovey or special toy/blanket - book - stroller - bibs - wet bag(s) - summer clothes

- baby carrier

See anything we missed? I'd love to hear your packing essentials when traveling with a little one!

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