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Dad's Love Doulas

You're a first time mom. You're scared and apprehensive and a little unsure what to expect. There are a million questions running through your head from hospital bags to surviving contractions to how to keep a tiny human alive. Dad (I will refer to this person as dad with the full understanding and appreciation that there are lots of variations of this support person), is scared too.

Here are a few things we often forget about our support people:

1. They are often scared shitless

2. They don't want you to know #1

3. They haven't seen you in pain and may not know how to react

4. Labour is long and dad needs to eat

5. They also need to rest

6. They may have other responsibilities like taking care of older siblings

7. Dad's often need emotional support too

8. They may forget to capture special moments because well, they want to be apart of them

9. Things like adrenaline and fear make being supportive and comforting very difficult

10. They want to be helpful but aren't always sure how to help

This is EXACTLY what a doula is for! You see, when mom or dad is feeling scared, your doula is there to listen and provide information. We are trained professionals with personal experience to help guide you through all the ups and downs of labour and delivery. When dad hasn't eaten in 8 hours and needs a sugar fix at the hospital cafeteria, he doesn't have to worry that he is leaving you alone - he knows that your doula is there by your side to hip squeeze and provide counter pressure through each passing contraction. When your little baby is born and you want a family picture, your doula is there for that too. And when you take your baby home and you aren't sure if you can handle the twists and turns of parenthood, your doula is there to tell you that you are doing an amazing job, affirm your parenting choices and care for the baby when you just really want to sleep.

You see, your doula fills in all the gaps. She's there to listen, respond, empathize, comfort, provide respite and be the sounding board. She knows what you want before you need to ask and she wants nothing more than to make this incredible experience to parenthood a magical one. Why do dads love doulas? Because dads love YOU! Nobody will know your emotional needs better than your spouse, and nobody will know birth and babies better than your professional doula at The Doula Tree. The perfect addition to your perfect team.

Still unsure? Let's get together for a free consultation, drink some tea and chat about it.

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