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Choosing A Formula

When I made the switch to formula I found myself overwhelmed with all the different types that are offered to parents. I was hoping it could have been decided for me just like the milk that came out of my breast. Or handed to me in a Manuel along with all the other agonizing choices there are to make as parents. Here's some things I learned that will hopefully save you some time and stress.

1. All formula is created equally: formula is regulated by the FDA which requires companies to pack their formula with an exact set of nutrients for your growing baby. Some packaging may seem more appealing, prices may vary but the nutrients will be across the board.

2. Specialized formulas: these are formulas designed for specific situations. For example: there are formulas which contain more calories for premature babies who were much under weight at birth. Formulas for babies with reflux which have natural thickening agents added. Some infants may have an intolerance to milk so there are soy brands out there as well. Again, all with those set, standard nutrients. There are also organic formulas on the market which are regulated by the FDA and certified organic if that's the route you choose to go.

3. Ask your doctor: most importantly remember, if you're still unsure talk with your dr. They'll help address your babies needs so you can choose the best formula for them. Your supports like other moms, your family, friends and your doula can give you some guidance through their experiences as well.

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