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Doula Myths #4 - I Can't Afford A Doula.

Doula Myth #4: I can’t afford a Doula:

We believe every woman should feel equal to her peers when it comes to giving birth and the care of her child. There are always ways to achieve hiring a doula, if that is your goal. Having a baby can seem expensive and be overwhelming when it comes to all of things that are advertised to new parents. That is when you and your partner need to decide where your money would be best spent. We are happy to offer payment plans to all of our clients because we believe that although you don't NEED a doula, you certainly deserve one!

At The Doula Tree, we offer gift certificates which makes for an excellent baby shower gift. Don't forget to add a labour or postpartum doula to your registry! The bottom line is, there is a doula out there for you; let us find out if we are the perfect fit with a free consultation today.

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