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Doula Myth #2 - If I Have A Midwife, I Don't Need A Doula

Doula Myth #2 - If I Have a Midwife or Doctor I Don’t Need a Doula

The roles of a doula and a Midwife are very different. If you have a doctor or midwife, give birth in a hospital or at home - your birth team is there to support you and encourage you. Let’s face it, doctors and midwives have some serious stuff to keep an eye on. While that includes you and your baby, they are mostly focused on the medical/clinical aspects of your labour and delivery. They may have other patients if you’re in a hospital setting, which may cause them to be in and out of the room. A doula is there with you the entire time. Having a doula allows you to have one person that is focused on you and your partner (because they might need help too!). We are there to focus on your emotional well being and your physical comfort. We can help facilitate conversation between you and your medical team should you and your partner have any questions or concerns allowing you to feel comfortable and informed. Doulas are an incredibe addition to your already stacked team and you can never have enough support.

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