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Doula Myth # 1 - I Don't Need A Doula Because I Have A Partner

Doula Myth #1 - A Doula Will Take The Place of My Partner’s Role During Labour:

Our doulas's will not take the place of anybody’s role during your labor and delivery and/or postpartum journey with us. We are there to help encourage and support you and your family. We make a conscious effort to include your partner (who ever you may choose) in everything. We make sure to pay close attention to your partner, watching for indications suggesting they are interested in what’s happening and want to get involved or that they themselves may need a little bit of encouragement and some time to talk. We include them in all discussions and make sure we continually talk with them about what and why we are doing what we are doing. We offer suggestions for you and your partner to do breathing or comfort exercises together. We give your partner the freedom to have one on one time with you if we sense that’s what you both need. We understand that having your partner there is very important. That’s why having a discussion before hand and making clear what everyone’s roles will be is important to us. Ultimately, we are not there to take the place of or replace your partner. Our doula's are there to help support them so they can support you.

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