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"After being totally pushed past my limit with my first baby, I knew I could use some help with my second. I'm so happy I found out about postpartum support. Even though I didn't know exactly what I needed, Brittany just knew. She puts your life back on track just when you feel things going out of control."

Angelika (Postpartum Client)

You're Here!
Now what is it that a doula can do for you?

When you hire a doula, you're adding a coach, a cheerleader and your own personal Google - all in one! I'm here to remind you about your ability to birth, advocate for your preferences & teach you a few things along the way to a more confident parenthood.


Adding a postpartum doula to your team, means that you get to stop surviving parenthood, & really start thriving. 

Serving families in Haldimand-Norfolk, Oxford County, Brantford, Hamilton & Beyond.

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About Brittany

Before taking my training as a labour and postpartum doula, my work has been focused on addiction and mental health. At the root of this field is really empowerment, continuity of care and a person centered approach - the same goes for my role as your doula.  The thing is, I believe in you!  I believe in your supports, your team and your journey to parenthood. As your doula, I'm not here to choose your path (you've made great choices already!) But, I am here to be a reassuring presence and help navigate the sails. When you reminisce on your birth, I want you to know that you were cared for, that you felt confident in your decisions and that you had all of the information you could have needed (with a few laughs along the way!).  

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