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The Doula Tree

Supporting Your Growth From Pregnancy To Parenthood.

Now serving Haldimand-Norfolk, Oxford,Brant County & Beyond


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Infant Care Specialist
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"After being totally pushed past my limit with my first baby, I knew I could use some help with my second. I'm so happy I found out about postpartum support. Even though I didn't know exactly what I needed, Brittany just knew. She puts your life back on track just when you feel things going out of control."

Angelika (Postpartum Client)

You're Here!
Now what is it that a doula can do for you?

When you hire a doula, you're adding a coach, a cheerleader and your own personal Google - all in one! I'm here to remind you about your ability to birth, advocate for your preferences & teach you a few things along the way to a more confident parenthood.


Adding a postpartum doula to your team, means that you get to stop surviving parenthood, & really start thriving. 

Serving families in Haldimand-Norfolk, Oxford County, Brantford, Hamilton & Beyond.

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About Brittany

Before taking my training as a labour and postpartum doula, my work has been focused on addiction and mental health. At the root of this field is really empowerment, continuity of care and a person centered approach - the same goes for my role as your doula.  The thing is, I believe in you!  I believe in your supports, your team and your journey to parenthood. As your doula, I'm not here to choose your path (you've made great choices already!) But, I am here to be a reassuring presence and help navigate the sails. When you reminisce on your birth, I want you to know that you were cared for, that you felt confident in your decisions and that you had all of the information you could have needed (with a few laughs along the way!).  

Doula Mentorship Program

Next sessions starts June 2024

Click the link to find out more information.

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Hungry Moms

"Nourishing The 4th Trimester"


I’ve spent hours crouched & kneeling in front of you, calmly reminding you to drop your shoulders and soften your face. I’ve wiped the blood running down the side of your leg and held a pad between your legs as you shuffled from the birth pool to the bathroom. I’ve cried with you in your darkest moments and celebrated the most powerful ones. I’ve advocated for you despite the consequences, gone without food and stayed awake for days; riding each of your waves & wishing I could take them for you. I’ve watched as you cut your baby’s cord and witnessed them take their first breaths. I’ve worried about you, cared for you & trusted you. And I’ve fallen in love with your journey and your baby time and time again.

So if you’re contemplating hiring a doula, remember you aren’t just getting a professional support; you're adding a person to your team that will literally give every ounce of herself to better your experience. She will be the biggest support in the room & take up the least amount of space. She will unconditionally support your choices and hold space for you in a way that melts any anxieties you might have. So if you’re hesitating, please don’t. It’s one of the best decisions you’ll make for your birth - the first step in the biggest transformation of your life.

-Your Friend & Doula,

Brittany Lynch

Get To Know Us Better
(& Some Great Tips!)

Instagram is our favourite place to be! Here we share the real & raw content on birth & babies. You'll also get the inside scoop on who we (really) are.



At The Doula Tree, we have an amazing group of passionate doula's that provide birth & postpartum support in Haldimand-Norfolk, Oxford County, Brantford, Hamilton & beyond!

They each come with their own unique specialties, education & talents that they bring to the spaces we are invited to.

The best part about working with a team, is that we truly do have a doula to fit every family! 

Our first step is to find the perfect fit; click the link below to read through our individual bio's.


The Motherhood Journal
"designed for mothers, by mothers.


Coaching Call

Coaching calls take place over Zoom with Brittany & are used for a number of different reasons including:

  • understanding options/birth preferences

  • creating a birth plan

  • partner preparation

  • birth debriefing 

  • breastfeeding support

  • newborn questions

  • sleep support

  • doula mentorship

Investment: $50 for a 1 hour call

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