Virtual Doula Services 

Live & Online Prenatal Classes 

Virtual Birth Support 

Postpartum Support & Daily Check-In

Join me over Zoom for a private class for you and your partner that focuses  the ins and outs of labour and delivery.  We will discuss coping techniques to help minimize pain, position changes to help your body and your baby work together and the importance of mindfulness.  This class is customizable to your birth environment and preferences to include medical pain relief options, home or hospital birth information, inductions, interventions and Cesarean birth. Workbook included!

Investment: $75 (+tax) 

During our virtual prenatal class I’ll focus on teaching your support person exactly what they need to do and say in the different stages of labour. We’ll go over the importance of rest between contractions, labour positions and how to help the birthing person maintain mindfulness through those really intense contractions. As a birth doula, my main objective is to instil strength and reduce fear and I can do both of these things regardless of my physical distance to you. We’ll chat over video in early labour, touch base periodically over the phone and check in virtually as you feel change physically and emotionally. I’ll stay connected to your support person as you get settled at the hospital and as they need guidance and suggestions. And when that beautiful baby of yours is born, I’ll be there again over a video call to support that first latch/feed or answer any questions you might have.

Investment: $300.00 (+tax)

Every day for 1 week we will connect over Zoom or Facetime to discuss the things that mean the most to you.  Breastfeeding, infant sleep, questions about your newborn, your postpartum recovery or how to switch to formula - I'm here to support you.  1 week to quit googling, start connecting and really focus on this early newborn stage. Unlimited daily support via text, phone and email plus notes following each virtual call to recap our chat.

Investment: $150  for one week or $25 for up to 1 hour  (+tax)