Private prenatal classes are being held over Zoom! Connect, learn & raise your confidence for child birth and infant feeding. 

Private Prenatal Classes

$150 (+ tax)

Because who doesn't enjoy learning about babies and birth in the comfort of your own home?  This 2 day class will prepare you for labour, birth and taking home your baby. I want you to leave feeling confident, supported and informed.  Customize your class to fit the goals and needs of YOUR family including hospital or home birth procedures, breastfeeding or formula feeding and vaginal or Cesarean deliveries.


Partners and other labour support are welcome to attend.  




Labour & Delivery Crash Course

$75 (tax included)

This condensed version of the private prenatal class will leave you feeling calm and confident as you near your expected delivery date.  Within 3 hours, i'll focus on the ins-and-outs of labour and delivery, non-medical comfort techniques and medical pain relief options.  This class is customizable and includes a workbook! 

Partners welcome to attend, class held at my home office in Waterford. 


"As first time parents we were nervous and didn't know what to expect. Brittany made us feel comfortable and we felt like we could ask her anything. It was educational for us both. My husband feels more confident and knows what to expect during and after labour and what he can do to help me through it."