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Perfect Home Doesn’t Mean a Perfect Mom

If you've ever walked into my home, you'd probably be surprised that I have two young kids. It's always clean, always organized, toys are rarely left on the ground for more than an hour. It's not because I've hired help or because I've taught my children to clean up after themselves (although that would be really awesome wouldn't it?). I have a clean home mostly because the clutter of toys makes my head spin and craft supplies left on the floor makes my heart race. And I have to admit, that I find it almost impossible to sit through an entire movie with my girls without folding laundry or wiping the tables. More importantly, it makes me really guilty to say that.

So, does a clean home mean I have it all together? HELL NO. As parents with households, we all have priorities. Some people clean, some people cook, some people spend most of their time with their children. We all have things that are higher on the "to-do" list, take up more of our time while other things sit on the back burner. And that's OKAY. My home is clean and I'm working on spending more dedicated, quality time with my family. We are all a work in progress, and you're doing an amazing job.

I'm also learning as I go along, that it's OKAY to ask for help! I can't do it all (not without an annual mental break down anyways). So if you're needing help with newborn care or keeping your house organized in this chaotic stage of parenting young babies, do not hesitate to reach out for postpartum doula support. You can find more information about that service here.

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